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Xlendi is a charming small seaside village located southwest of Gozo. It reveals a striking natural spectacle, deploying itself as a dazzling site of beauty. Emerald in color, the Bay’s limpid water merges with the rocks bordering the beach. Formerly a fishing village, it is today a tourist village renowned for its originality and good bases for underwater diving. It will seduce you not only through the history of its tower but also thanks to its places of worship and its magnificent bay. Between stone walls and tamarisks, a lot of authenticity and beautiful walks await you there.

The bay of Xlendi is ideal for swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling. You will find a small beach, perfect for young people, leading to shallow waters. As for the more adventurous, they can enjoy swimming in deeper waters, off the long stretch of rocks that border the beach. A steep path leads to the Carolina Cave. Going up the promenade you will notice a must-see watchtower built by the Knights of Malta.

Xlendi Tower is the oldest coastal observation tower at the foot of Gozo. It was built to defend the Bay and repel smugglers and quarantine riders. The hospital knights who held the Queens at the time had a strict quarantine policy for boats coming from areas affected by diseases. Built in the reign of Grand Master Lascaris in 1650, it rises to a height of 30 rows of bricks. It has a unique architectural platform bordering the sea. From the top of the cliffs of Ras il-Bajda, the building enjoys an unobstructed view of the entrance to the Comino inlet.

This place is not only famous for its heavenly bay, it is also known for its very famous discotheque: the Grotta. It is one of the most prominent and picturesque nightclubs on the island. Perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ix-xlendi valley, it hosts a plethora of DJ world celebrity. Its popularity is all the greater during the summer months, attracting a host of locals, Maltese residents, and foreign tourists. You will also be able to attend interesting events involving local and foreign DJs. Do not miss the eighties and seventies evenings.

Far from the hustle and bustle of the world, the lives of the inhabitants of this village can only please you. Many other equally pleasant places await you to bathe between the rocks. Also, you can discover the culinary specialties by visiting the beautiful restaurants and bars of this little paradise. And to finish this journey, take a ride in one of the chapels of Xlendi to take blessings.

Swimming in the Bay

One of the things people do most in Xlendi bay is swimming. Children and adults alike love to dip into the beautiful waters and sunbath in the warm summer sun.

You can see children playing their typical beach games and teasing each other while adults read, chat and nibble on their lunches or sip their cold beers.

Diving in Xlendi

Xlendi is one of the many lovely spots for scuba diving on the islands of Malta and Gozo. With numerous seawater species to be seen and a magnificent geographical setting, Xlendi bay will definitely be a dive to remember.

Just ask the large number of divers that make the dive every year.

Snorkeling around the Beach

Don’t know how to dive? Not a problem - you can still enjoy an amazing experience by snorkeling around the rocky areas of the bay.

To explore its coasts is to open unusual, wild and well-preserved panoramas. With its breathtaking natural underwater scenery, its fine yellow sand and soft, whether you are a beginner or a confirmed, you will find your happiness there. You will see plenty of marine life and after all that time in the water you will most definitely be ready for …

Dining (Especially Fish & Seafood)

And what a place Xlendi is for dining. As you will most definitely find out, Xlendi is typically always busy with people coming to eat. With the range of restaurants available, one could always find a great spot for a hearty lunch or even a romantic dinner.

The Boathouse Restaurant is one of the Gozo’s very top restaurants for seafood, sought after by locals, Maltese and tourists alike for its sophisticated selection and preparation of local fresh fish. Trust us, when in Xlendi Bay or Gozo in general, you CANNOT miss a good fish dinner!

Have a Few Drinks by the Sea

For those who love their cold pint or a lovely Chardonnay, you can simply sit back and enjoy the beautiful beach setting while sipping your drink and discussing the adventures of your day.


Not many people would point this out to you bt the surrounding areas of Xlendi bay are actually really nice for hiking.

Especially in the Spring time, you can spend a good couple of hours exploring the fields and coastline around Xlendi with caves to be viewed and a awe-inspiring view of the horizon.